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Independent Factory Audit

Quality Plan Review

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Quality Plan Review


Need help getting your arms around your product quality?   Not sure if the quality documentation your factory has been provided will actually work for your project?   Confused about what "quality"  for hardware manufacturing even means?

Dragon Innovation has the years of experience and tools to get you on the right track.

How Dragon Innovation can help you

Independent Factory Audit

A member of the Dragon Manufacturing Team will perform an in-person visit to your current or potential factory and conduct a detailed audit of key manufacturing processes.

Includes inspection of:

  • All Facilities

  • Assembly and Sub-Assembly Processes

  • Final Inspection

  • Shipment

  • Quality and Test Department Capabilities

Evaluation across key factors including:

  • Overall Process Execution

  • Quality Systems and Process

  • Material handling

  • Information Management

  • Staffing

  • Sub-Supplier Management

  • General Capabilities

What You'll Get:

Senior members of the Dragon Innovation team will review the results and prepare a full report along with recommendations for next steps.

What is a quality plan?
The quality plan is the set of tests that allow you and your Contract Manufacturer to ensure that your product meets your customer’s requirements, and to find any problems before your customers do.

Why do you need this now?
Defining your quality plan early will allow you to balance cost, schedule, and quality targets early when you have the design flexibility.

We will work with you to understand your product needs and translate that into an actionable plan that any CM can work with.

  • Durability
  • Transportation
  • Life testing
  • Verification/validation
  • AQL Levels
  • Functional
  • PCBA
  • Aesthetic
  • Ongoing production testing
  • Shipment audits
  • Incoming quality control
  • Dimensional verifications

What You'll Get:

Comprehensive and complete outline of tests needed to ensure a high quality product, ready for your CM to adapt to their production process.

Dragon provides the fastest, simplest, and safest way to manufacture hardware at scale.

From Pre-Manufacturing Solutions, to Factory Selection and ongoing Production Oversight, we can help every step of the way as you bring your product to life.  We've refined our process by working with hundreds of customers to produce millions of complex, innovative products and provide you with the tools and knowledge to go from prototype to production at entrepreneur speed.

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